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2023 / Interview with Arnaud Affergan, Head of Mobile Solutions at Rayonnance

Rayonnance, a one-stop shop for digital traceability

The Ile-de-France-based company, which will be exhibiting at Euro Supply Chain, deploys the full range of digital order-picking solutions. Its technology platform acts as a one-stop shop, and meets the growing need for effective flow traceability.
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Militzer & Münch cultivates its specialties in France

"We don't limit ourselves to managing operations and declarations; we have developed complete consulting and training solutions for international trade."

At the Euro Supply Chain trade show, the freight forwarder and customs broker will be presenting its targeted international transport services, so as to provide an appropriate response without trying to cover the whole spectrum of its business sector.
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2023 / Interview with Laurent Grain, General Manager of Parc Expo de Mulhouse

For its second edition, the Euro Supply Chain show in Mulhouse aims to consolidate its young status as the leading event in the transport-logistics sector.

The keyword of this second edition is decarbonization.
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2023 / Interview with François-Xavier Szczebara, General Manager Logistics, Jung Logistique Group

"Automating flows, a new imperative in logistics

The fast-growing Alsatian group Jung is devoting considerable resources to the automated management of flows, in order to meet the increasingly tight time constraints imposed on them. At Euro Supply Chain, it will organise a workshop on innovation in this area.
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"Knowing how to do more or better in logistics, with less square metres"

Interview with Benoit Cudel, Director of Simco Consulting

Logistics and supply chain consultancy and training specialist Simco Consulting, which will be exhibiting at Euro Supply Chain, has concluded from its eight years of experience that the sector needs to change its vision to focus on optimising or reusing space at a time when it is increasingly being squeezed by other uses. 
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"We are one of the few experts on Franco-Swiss trade"

Transports Charpiot strengthens its rare expertise in trade between France and Switzerland

Interview with Jacques Weill, Commercial Director of Transports Charpiot. New partner of the Euro Supply Chain 2023 exhibition, Transports Charpiot has been developing transport and customs services with Switzerland for over 100 years thanks to their border location in Delle. They are adapting to the digitalisation of their business while capitalising on the freight forwarding know-how they have retained.
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2022 / Interview

Jean-Marc Rohlmann, president of l’ACUTA (Association of Shippers and Transport Users in Alsace)

The Association des Chargeurs et Utilisateurs de Transport en Alsace (ACUTA), which brings together a hundred or so shippers and logistics providers, is a major partner of the Euro Supply Chain exhibition. Its president Jean-Marc Rohlmann explains why.
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2022 / Interview 

Gilbert Stimpflin, President of the Société d'économie mixte à opération unique portuaire (Semop) Euro Rhein Ports and President of the Mulhouse delegation of the CCI Alsace Métropole

Euro Rhein Ports, of which the CCI Alsace Métropole is one of the partners, presents to Euro Supply Chain the potential of river freight as a mode of transport and a factor of development of economic activities on the Alsatian territory.
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2022 / Partners' news

Innovations for a state-of-the-art supply chain

The ACD group, a major player in the supply of equipment for logistics, has confirmed its presence at the Euro Supply Chain exhibition. 
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2022 / Interview with Nicolas Boidevezi, in charge of freight transport and logistics at the DREAL Grand Est

"Bringing together public and private players on the major challenges of transport and logistics"

The Regional Transport and Logistics Observatory of the Grand Est, which is led by the DREAL (Regional Directorate for the Environment, Development and Housing) Grand Est, collects and analyzes data on transport and logistics on the basis of a vision shared by all stakeholders.
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2022 / Interview with Lionel Joubert, directeur du site de Mulhouse TYM by Dupessey & CO

Increasing commitment to the people who are the heart of the reactor

TYM by Dupessey&Co near Mulhouse has a specific activity: the transport and storage of dangerous goods, for which the company has invested heavily in safety.
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2022 / Interview François Xavier Szczebara Directeur Général Logistique - Jung Logistique et Michel Walter Directeur Général - Jung Logistique

2022 / En tant qu’entreprise alsacienne, on se doit d’être visible sur un événement comme Euro Supply Chain entièrement dédié à notre métier

Pour Jung Logistique, exposant au salon Euro Supply Chain, le métier de logisticien consiste avant tout à maitriser et fournir des flux d’information. Parmi ses projets, un campus logistique sur son bassin d’origine, Sélestat, qui sera la vitrine de tous ses savoir-faire.
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2022 / Interview with Jean-Michel Bauer, Managing Director Portmann

"Our business is going through a real "new deal": we have to find the right compromise between environmental solutions and the management of the rolling stock".

As an exhibitor at Euro Supply Chain, the family-owned company Portmann is expanding its transport and warehousing services to include the management of physical and information flows.
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2022 / Interview with Nadège Eich, Director of the Aftral training center in Mulhouse 

"The transport and logistics industry has a huge need for personnel"

A sector in continuous search of work-study students. Learn more by following this link.
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