Euro Supply Chain 2023

Levers for anticipating supply chain risks

Jun 8, 2023 | 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM



Whether financial, geopolitical, environmental or cyber, risk hangs over the supply chain. A reality that has only become stronger as flows become more complex and global. To make it more agile, more secure and more flexible, the supply chain must be controlled, synchronised, coordinated and have reliable data shared with all the players in the same ecosystem. Fortunately, in the face of uncertainty, solid levers and tools exist to anticipate and sustainably strengthen the supply chain in the face of hazards and disruptions. Among them, Caroline Mondon, Director of Development of the AFRSCM, an association of supply chain management professionals, will discuss the virtues of collective intelligence and the implementation of a common language throughout the supply chain. Concrete cases and feedback will also highlight the means of strengthening resilience and will thus enable the pitfalls to be avoided and the good practices to be developed to be shared. Speakers: Caroline Mondon, AfrSCM Development Director Arnaud Saul, Supply Chain Director, Stellantis Mulhouse Hervé Marchal, General Manager at Dachser France

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