Euro Supply Chain 2023

The warehouse: increasing skills and innovative solutions

Jun 8, 2023 | 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM



The warehouse is no longer just a storage and picking area. It is a workplace where skills are expanding, where robotics and automation are developing and where CSR and performance must coexist. This conference, dedicated to the warehouse, will be an opportunity to look at the solutions, professions and innovations that enable logistics platforms to become more efficient and also more sustainable. This is a major challenge that faces a labour shortage and growing recruitment difficulties. Our guests will talk about how to integrate all these human, technological and environmental challenges into their work. Among them, Yann Caillet, Director of Methods and Processes at Rhenus Logistics France, will talk about the solutions, processes and methods implemented by the logistics company in its warehouses. Benoit Cludel, CEO France of Simco Consulting, will share his vision and expertise on the evolution of logistics jobs and tools. Finally, SEW Usocome, a manufacturer of drive and automation systems, will give us an overview of its logistics and industrial innovations.

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