Euro Supply Chain 2024

Hydrogen : state of play and benefits for logistics and transport

Green hydrogen is proving to be one of the major solutions on the road to decarbonizing transport and logistics. Where do we stand today in the development of this energy and what are the concrete levers it offers? 
Explanations and initiatives. 

France Hydrogen key figures 
 • The transport sector, taking all modes of travel together, is the leading source of emissions in France, accounting for over 30% of the 440 MtCO2e generated annually in the country. 
• Of the 136 megatons of CO2e produced each year by the transport sector as a whole, road freight transport generates 26 MtCO2e, i.e. almost 20% of the greenhouse gases emitted by transport in France.

Speakers : 
 • Anjali Armoudom, Mobilities Project Manager - Institutional Relations, France Hydrogène
 • Jacques HAENN, Chargé de mission filière hydrogène Grand Est chez Pôle Véhicule du Futur*
 • Dominique Mathern, Port Representative France, Port of Antwerp-Bruges
 • Loïc Peyrot, Sustainability Lead for European Market Operations at Toyota Material Handling 

Supporting people at the heart of logistics professions: the keys to building loyalty, relieving and promoting career development

Lack of attractiveness, shortage of manpower, sometimes difficult working conditions... 
The logistics sector, despite being a major source of employment, is struggling to recruit. However, there have been many developments in recent years to support the development of human resources in the industry's professions. Here's a look back at some of the initiatives and best practices that are promising for the future of employment in the sector.

Speakers :  
Samya BELLHARI-TRAHIN, Head of Ergonomics, Quality of Life at Work, Job Retention at GXO
Marien GOSSET, Délégué Régional Grand Est, AFT Grand Est 
Aude RAYMOND, Human Resources Manager, U Logistique
 Marie-Christine WEISS, HRD Rhenus Logistics Alsace 

Hydrogen: state of play and benefits for logistics and transport

Packaging solutions are a key factor in the development of delivery, transport and logistics as a whole, and are attracting a great deal of interest from customers. The reason? Their ability to enhance the customer experience, but also the leverage they offer in terms of void reduction and, ultimately, carbon footprint. Here's an overview of innovations designed to make logistics and transport more efficient and sustainable.

Speakers : 
• Lucas PINTO, Sales Engineer at SAVOYE
• Jacques SERILLON, General Director, Les Sources de Soultzmatt
• Baptiste PERU, co-founder REUTEC

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