Euro Supply Chain 2024

For its second edition, the Euro Supply Chain exhibition in Mulhouse wants to confirm its young status as a key event of transport-logistics

Interview with Laurent Grain,
 general manager of Parc Expo Mulhouse

Interview by Mathieu Noyer, editor-in-chief of Traces Ecrites News, the economic information website for the Grand Est and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté regions

Euro Supply Chain wants to transform in 2023 the successful trial of its first edition last year. This June 8, the transport and logistics trade show of the East will hold its second edition at the Mulhouse Exhibition Center (Haut-Rhin) with the intention of establishing itself a little more as a reference interregional professional meeting of its sector. Decarbonation will be the main topic of discussion, along with the automation of flows and the management of various risks.

The initial edition of Euro Supply Chain Est had fulfilled its quantitative and qualitative objectives: 60 exhibitors, 650 visitors and the installation in the landscape of the meetings of the transport and logistics profession in the eastern part of France, following the example of its earlier counterpart in Quimper for the West.

"In a perspective of reasoned but regular growth, the objective for this year is to increase these two reference figures by 20 to 25%," emphasizes Laurent Grain, general manager of Parc Expo Mulhouse, host and organizer of the event. To date, the show has more than 70 registered exhibitors and hopes to reach an attendance of 800 people during the day, in the 2,000 m2 that will be made available to it. 

The perimeter it is targeting is that of the Grand Est and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté regions, with a "hard core" consisting of Alsace and Nord Franche-Comté. These areas are rich in industrial customers of transport and logistics who have already become accustomed to come each year to the exhibition center to participate in the BE 4.0. "Euro Supply Chain is a kind of emanation, insofar as the idea has germinated in the head of exhibitors BE 4.0 to see the establishment of a meeting that is specific to the subject, significant for them, the supply chain, which has taken a new dimension following the health crisis "said Laurent Grain.

Photo credits : © Sébastien North

New storage facilities and new risks

The meeting will be held again at the Parc Expo in Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin) with outdoor demonstrations. 
The "tone" of this second edition (*) will be given...