Euro Supply Chain 2024

Militzer & Münch grows its specialities in France

At Euro Supply Chain, the freight forwarder and customs broker will be showcasing its targeted international transport services, providing a tailored response without trying to cover the whole spectrum of its business sector.

Militzer & Münch (M&M), a forwarding agent and customs representative, is one of the new exhibitors at this second edition of Euro Supply Chain. The first participation of this German-based mid-sized company (2,300 employees worldwide, annual sales of around 600 million euros) is in line with its recently strengthened regional presence in eastern France. In 2019, its French subsidiary Militzer & Münch France opened a branch in Wittelsheim, near Mulhouse, to handle customer relations in this part of France. "We already had a commercial presence in the region, but this physical location accentuates our presence in this territory, which is an excellent crossroads to Germany and has a rich network of shippers. Taking part in Euro Supply Chain gives us a great opportunity to raise our profile," says Arnaud Jugan, Sales Director at M & M France. 

In the vast world in which it operates, the 310-strong French subsidiary, with ten branches, has on the one hand concentrated on the transport of dry goods - using some 350 trailers - and on the other, has "opted for specializations, with the aim of cultivating a few strong areas of expertise", explains Arnaud Jugan. There are five such specialties. The main one is the organization of shipments to North Africa and Turkey. It accounts for around two-thirds of sales in France, which totalled 122 million euros last year. "We provide truck consolidation services in conjunction with our subsidiaries in these countries, to the port of Marseille for flows to Algeria and Tunisia, to the port of Algeciras for Morocco, and by road or to the port of Sète for Turkey, as well as a container service (LCL/FCL) with Algeria", describes Arnaud Jugan.

International trade consulting and training

Militzer & Münch France also operates road groupage services to Eastern Europe. It has a chartering unit, as well as an overseas division for air and sea freight for major exports and imports (South-East Asia, Middle East, etc.). Finally, its customs business has taken on new dimensions, beyond the AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) status. "We don't confine ourselves to managing operations and declarations; we have developed comprehensive solutions for international trade consulting and training", emphasizes Arnaud Jugan. This latter speciality has also grown through the acquisition in 2021 of a company with expertise in the field, Acte International in Voiron, near Grenoble.
In the same year, M&M France integrated ITPL, a Vitrolles-based SME specializing in labeling, thus rounding out its range of services, particularly for flows with North Africa. M&M France will be exhibiting at the Euro Supply Chain trade show on June 8. The company is systematically adding a digital component to its offering, via a web portal.
Interview by Mathieu Noyer, editor-in-chief of Traces Ecrites News, the business information website
 for the Grand Est and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté regions